Occupational Health and Safety Management System

ISO 45001 Certification in Taiwan is an essential step in creating a safe, healthy, and sustainable work environment. This standard outlines the specifications for an occupational health and safety (OH&S) management system and provides instructions for its application.

It is applicable to any organization regardless of its size, type, and nature, and follows the high-level structure of other ISO standards, such as ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. By committing to a safe, healthy, and sustainable work environment, companies who are ISO 45001 Certified in Taiwan will demonstrate brand accountability and benefit from increased reputation, client confidence, and decreased downtime and operational disruption costs.

Employers must ensure that their organization adheres to all applicable health and safety laws to safeguard the well-being of their employees. Obtaining ISO 45001 Certification in Taiwan provides a systematic approach to engaging workers, contractors, and others in preventing illness and injury in the workplace.

The cost of ISO 45001 Certification in Taiwan will depend on the size and complexity of your organization and whether you already have an existing quality management system in place. By being OH&S standard compliant in Taiwan, you can ensure that workplace health and safety are of utmost priority.


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An expert from TopCertifier will consult you over a discussion about your requirements. Later a thorough gap assessment is done to analyse your organisation’s current process / structure with respect to the ISO 45001 compliance requirements and a quotation is sent.


Once you have agreed to our quotation, our team will conduct the required / necessary training and assist you in completing the documentation work for ISO 45001 Certification.


We will then conduct a pre assessment audit to ensure that your organisation meets the desired certification requirements and is ISO 45001 Compliant.


We will provide assistance during the final certification audit to ensure that your organisation achieves ISO 45001 Certification in Taiwan successfully.


TopCertifier is a quality conscious organisation and we believe in Total Customer Satisfaction. Hence, only after successful completion of the final ISO 45001 audit, payment has to be made. Our approach is always Simpler, faster, and affordable.

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Occupational health and safety is a discipline with a broad scope involving many specialized fields and aims in promoting and maintaining the highest degree of physical, mental, and social well-being of workers across all occupations. It encourages a healthier work environment and prevents adverse effects on employees' health.

ISO 45001 specifies requirements for an occupational health and safety (OH&S) management system, and gives guidance for its use, to enable organizations to provide safe and healthy workplaces by preventing work-related injury and ill health, as well as by proactively improving its OH&S performance.

ISO 45001 is a global standard for Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems that provides a practical solution to improve the safety and health of employees and other personnel. Any organization in Taiwan that complies with the standard and follows the protocols would be ISO 45001 Certified in Taiwan.

● Improved organizational resilience through proactive risk prevention, innovation, and continual improvement.
● Strengthening legal and regulatory compliance while reducing business losses.
● Demonstrates brand responsibility by committing to safe, healthy, and sustainable work.
● Applicable to any organization regardless of its size, type, and nature

ISO 45001 Certification Process in Taiwan involves 8 Steps:-
● Conduct Gap Analysis
● Prepare Documentation
● Get Awareness Training
● Implement Policies and Procedures
● Conduct Internal Audit
● Identify Non-conformities
● Conduct Management Review Meeting
● Take Corrective Actions
● External Audit
● Get Certified Successfully

ISO 45001 implementation for any organization depends on the focus, knowledge, expertise, and resources available. It also depends on various factors like the complexity of the business, the number of employees, working shifts, and so on.

ISO 45001 requires companies to develop processes for investigation and report of all found nonconformities and OH&S incidents in order to develop plans for corrective action. Careful documentation of all activities and issue correction aids in further improvement plan development and helps to ensure effectiveness.

● Scope of the Occupational Health & Safety Management System
● OH&S policy
● Responsibilities and authorities within OHSMS
● OH&S process for addressing risks and opportunities
● Methodology and criteria for assessment of OH & S risks
● OH&S objectives and plans for achieving them

The cost of getting ISO 45001 Certified in Taiwan depends on a range of factors like audit duration, organization size, the scope of risk, the current level of compliance, and more. To get an accurate quotation, contact TopCertifier.

Integrated Management System (IMS) is a systematic and comprehensive approach to managing an organization's multiple and interrelated processes, such as quality management, environmental management, and occupational health and safety, with a common goal of continuous improvement and overall efficiency.ISO 9001 Certification in Taiwan, ISO 14001 Certification in Taiwan, and ISO 45001 Certification in Taiwan are related standards. ISO 9001 is a quality management system standard that sets out the criteria for a quality management system, while ISO 14001 is an environmental management system standard that outlines the requirements for an effective environmental management system. ISO 45001 is an occupational health and safety management system standard that provides a framework for an organization to manage its OH&S risks and improve its OH&S performance.

Many organizations implement all three standards as part of their Integrated Management System (IMS) to demonstrate their commitment to quality, environmental protection, and occupational health and safety. By integrating these standards, organizations can achieve greater efficiencies and improvements in their overall management system.

iso 45001 certification in Taiwan
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